A program to improve musculoskeletal health

Musculoskeletal conditions are any issues that affect your muscles, bones, and joints.

Physera is a program to address musculoskeletal pain and nagging issues in a convenient and proactive manner before they become more serious – and costly.

Musculoskeletal conditions are often ignored, yet the problem is significant, impacting up to 50% of your workforce:


  • Many hurdles to diagnosis and care
  • Always time consuming to address


  • A "Top 3" benefits expense
  • #1 driver of workers comp claims

Time and money can be better spent.

Check out our overview with more details:

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The good news is that there is a solution that combines the latest insights in clinical research and consumer engagement

Physera is a mobile program that provides:

  • Convenient consultation with a top-tier Physical Therapist
  • Virtual appointments and PT "anytime anywhere"
  • A custom therapeutic exercise plan
  • Ongoing access, guidance, and encouragement from remote coaches
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